Nature : City
Private outdoor filed

DAICHI silent river

Outdoor field : DAICHI
Film & Photo : toha

Dec 2021

都内から車で約一時間、神奈川県相模原市の山間に、自然体験に新たな価値を見出すNature Development「DAICHI」が手掛けるキャンプ場がある。

In the mountains of Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, about an hour’s drive from Tokyo, there is a campground operated by DAICHI, a nature development company that finds value in experiencing nature.


The day of the shooting was the end of the year.
Contrary to the busy preparations people were making for the new year, here the river flowed calmly, the breeze through the mountains only shook the trees, and silence covered the entire area.


The river flowing around the campsite, caressing the craggy rocks and boulders, gives a faint sense of presence in the silence.
This time, I attempted to scoop up the signs of nature in such silence.


A sauna that looks like a small tea house stands by the river.
The room is about two tatami mats in size and offers a view of the clear, crystal-clear stream and the lush greenery in summer.
I didn’t take a sauna there, but was struck by the magnificent view from the small space.


The wooden frame, the cedar bark walls, the copper shingle roof, and the double sliding doors covered with Japanese paper.
No matter where you take the picture, it is designed to fit in naturally, as if it has been there for a long time.


Taking advantage of the topography and characteristics of the land, “DAICHI” offers experiences that can only be experienced there.
The sauna, which looked like a tearoom standing in a clear stream, was the perfect example of this.