Architecture : Interview / Shop
Fujimidai Tunnel


Architecture : Junpei Nousaku
Art direction : Moe Furuya(Study and Design)
Naming : Tomoyuki Torisu
Film : toha

Mar 2021




This is a concept movie of a shared shopping mall located in the Fujimidai complex in Kunitachi.
As the name implies, Fujimidai Tunnel is a tunnel-like space, located at the entrance to the housing complex and clearly visible from the road. It is loved by the community, as the shared kitchen, where several unique restaurants switch places, during the course of a day.

On the day of the shooting, it was a spring day with cherry blossoms in full bloom.
"I wanted to show the daily flow of Fujimidai Tunnel in the rich natural surroundings of Kunitachi."
Mr. Nohsaku, the owner of Fujimidai Tunnel, said. The film carefully follows the changes in the tunnel from the morning when the shutters are open and the light shines through to the wine bar where everyone gathers at night. The story of the girls who use rental bicycles from Kunitachi Station to take out lunch at Fujimidai Tunnel and the rich natural environment of the housing complex were also inserted.

Focusing on the fact that the signboard outside the store changes as the store changes, we used time lapse to show the change of the signboard, the clock at the station, and the gradual darkening of the street to express the change of time in the store.

A video with interviews was also produced along with the image video, so it can be used for different purposes.