Architecture : House
House in Atsugi


Design&Construction : Tonkachi drills
Film & Photo : toha

Apr 2021


This is a renovated house that was built over 50 years ago. The exposed ceiling of the wooden structure is beautiful.
Furniture, books, plates, clothes, and flowerpots. Before the photo shoot, I was asked, “I want to capture the family’s life itself. I want you to express the warmth of their lives as they are.”


From the front door to the kitchen, there is an exquisitely wide dirt floor that can barely be jumped over, creating a gentle space where the boundary between inside and outside is blurred.


In the large space where the walls have been removed, the children are spending time barefoot, looking comfortable. The floor is made of maple, which I have never seen before, and I am in love with the craftsman’s handiwork.


The large deck leading from the large window in the center of the room is connected to the flowers and plants in the garden, and the white butterflies fly close by.


Whether hanging laundry on a rope from a large tree or lying on the deck in the sun, one can fully feel the richness of having nature and life next to each other.
In order to convey not only the charm of the space itself, but also the richness of life there, I took photos of the family relaxing in their own way.


The owner suddenly said, “I love the sunset over the kitchen.”
The view of the children playing happily with the carpenters who built the house.
It is clear that the process of building the house was a very happy one.
I felt like I had seen the ideal of building a house.