Architecture : House
SIK AP / Housing complex in Setagay


Design : LIC. / Furuki space design
Film : toha

Nov 2021



Setagaya, Tokyo. An 8-story rental apartment building in the heart of the city.
The entrance faces a park with a river and a row of cherry blossom trees.

The characteristic facade consists of a wide veranda, and it was impressive to see various kinds of light coming into every room with time.
Despite its location in the city, one could feel a sense of serenity as one gazed out the windows at the cherry blossom trees.
On the lower floor, one could see the rows of cherry trees, while on the upper floor one could enjoy a panoramic view of the city. We are conscious of expressing the best of each.

Time-lapse and drone images were also used to create a video that conveys the appeal of the rental apartments together with the surrounding environment.