Architecture : Product / Public
Resting Place


Producer : Artistry
Design : NARAプロジェクト
Photo : toha

Mar 2021
5軸CNCを使った流線的な木の休憩所 竣工写真


A mysterious object suddenly appears on the side of the road.
Nine students from across Japan and Artistry Inc. have joined forces to create the “NARA Project,” a streamlined wooden rest area called “Wano Rest Area”.


Artistry produces wooden furniture and interiors in a variety of forms, using precision wood processing with a 5-axis CNC and skilled craftsmen.


The students came up with the idea, 3D modeling, and design of the resting place, and the craftsmen’s hands added to it to create an unprecedented expression of wood.


The surface, made of layers of wood molded based on programming, is so smooth that it feels like a single piece of wood.


I felt the potential of wood expression in the “Wano Resting Place” created by flexible ideas and skilled techniques.