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Client : 株式会社スピングルカンパニー
Film & Photo : toha

Jan 2022
SPINGLE MOVE ブランド動画・写真

国産ハンドメイドスニーカーブランド「SPINGLE MOVE」は、20年以上に渡りスニーカー作りを続けてきた。

SPINGLE MOVE, a Japanese handmade sneaker brand, has been making sneakers for over 20 years.
To mark the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment, we visited the factory in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, to photograph the brand book.


The SPINGLE MOVE has been running in the town of Hiroshima for 20 years. Everyone at the factory knows each other.
I immediately felt the power of the local community as I saw people of all ages, from young people to seasoned veterans, working together to make sneakers.


During the filming, we wanted to know the feelings of such a town, so we also recorded places where we could feel the local atmosphere, such as a temple on a mountain overlooking the entire town, a riverside where local people take a walk, and streets near a factory.


At the back of the factory lay a metal cylinder that looked like a spaceship with a dull silver glow.
The cylinder was a cauldron where craftsmen heat the finished sneakers for the last time to prevent them from losing their shape.
The sneakers are pressurized and heated at 100 degrees Celsius for more than an hour to make them last longer.
This is a costly and time-consuming process, but it is said to be an important part of the process that leads to comfort.


In this way, each pair is carefully shaped into a sneaker by human hands.
I was convinced that the unwavering belief in the handmade and manufacturing methods that have been persistently followed has made SPINGLE MOVE “comfortable”.


I hope that over the next 20 years, they will continue to make sneakers that allow everyone to find the comfort that suits them best.
It was with this hope in mind that I released the shutter.