Nature : City / Interview
Barrel sauna born from the forests of Toyota


Organizer : 株式会社アーティストリー
Film & Photo : toha

Jan 2023


In late January, under cold winter weather, we were heading to a forest in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, to photograph trees used for barrel saunas.


The site was in the shade of a cold mountain where snow was piled up to the tips of tree branches, and the wild sounds of chainsaws and heavy machinery echoed through the forest.


A worker huddles against a tree while holding a chainsaw.
Checking the direction in which the tree was going to fall, they carefully inserted the blade again and again to cut down the tree.
The cut tree was sucked into the ground, shaking its large body and making noise.


The role of thinning is to thin out the larger trees so that light can spread to the full extent.
In this very forest, a fantastic scene was created by the good light.


The trees thus cut in the forests are sawn into lumber at the mills, and then, little by little, craftsmen and machines give them shape as products.
If we know each other’s situation, we can increase the value of the tree.”
Mr. Numata of Nishigaki Forestry said, “Currently in the woodworking industry, there are many unknowns about the work before and after you, but understanding each other’s work is the key to making the industry more prosperous.


In this filming, we filmed the creation of a single object, a barrel sauna, and there were many people’s thoughts and scenes that you would not normally see.
We hope you will watch the video and feel the story that cannot be fully described here.